Hey y’all! Kylie here:)

I’ve been getting asked a lot about what my plans are this summer and for the fall so, here’s your answer!

This summer I am focusing on building my sticker business (https://kiwistickers.com )(Yes I’m plugging myself thank you very much.) I am hoping to gain a more consistent social media reach and website traffic by the end of the summer so that I can focus on other aspects of it as the fall begins and as school starts. Aside from that, I am spending a lot of time working on various art projects just for fun, playing on the worship team at a church, taking care of my fish, and collecting plants that I hopefully can’t kill.

In the fall I will be attending Liberty University in Virginia (where Austin goes too.) My current plan is to study Studio Art. I have an awesome roommate already and I cannot wait to get on campus soon. I’m looking forward to the community and the opportunities I will have there.