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Downsizing, Moving and Life OH MY!

We knew a few months ago now what we wanted to do. We made a rough plan, dreamed a few dreams and started taking steps forward.

No matter what, we knew we needed to downsize. What is it like to get rid of 80+ % of your life belongings…. Crazy, cool, fun, hard and emotional. That probably sums it all up. Looking at it, really it wasn’t that hard to get through most of it. The last month before moving out of our current home has been the hardest. Mainly because we started a few, well let’s wait and see piles, or let’s talk about it later piles, hoping that in that time it would get easier.

Overall the process went as follows… do I love it, do I hate it, is it something I cannot replace… piles and bags and boxes left our home with clothing, and housewares, and blankets and more! Our son began to feel like the people at the donation center knew him by name…

But after many months of prepping, many months of sorting, planning, and probably some tears, we are out of our home! We have purchased our RV and we are planning our first routes. We will be staying with family for a few weeks as we get some last minute things done, and situated. We will be visiting with friends and family before we leave  The kids have a few more obligations and then we will be off! We are thankful for the steps we took many months ago, we are excited for what path God leads us down, and we are ready to share with you Wolfing Around!

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