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When Things Don’t Go

When we set out on this RV journey we knew that we would have some up’s and down’s. We knew that finding a new location to call home would have it’s challenges. Little did we know how quickly those things would happen and how quickly over and over and over they would happen. By the grace of God we came out on the other end. Thanks to many prayers by friends and family and many people willing to help along the way we are currently doing well but let me tell you the story of these days! 

The morning of Monday July 27th we left the beautiful Harvest Host we had stayed at in Ottawa, IL. We got about 5 miles down the road, onto the I-80 ramp and the rig started to overheat…. We immediately pulled over. This was not a good start to our day obviously. We really wanted to get off I-80 so we let it cool down as much as possible and started it back up, drove a few minute before it overheated again and pulled over. This time unfortunately we had all sorts of vehicles flying ny us at all sorts of fun rates of speed. Agh…. At this point we all just couldn’t wait to get our big rig off the high way and get to where we could get some help. We pulled off to the next exit at a gas station and called for a tow… many hours later a beautiful, massive tow truck showed up to tow our beautiful home off to a lovely place to see what was wrong with it. 

The gentlemen was really nice, and promised to look at as soon as he could, he said we could park it at the front of their property and lotdock until they could look at it. This was such a gift really, so we didn’t have to move everything out of it, and we could stay with it until we knew more of what was going on. Unfortunately, the fan for the engine had completely crumbled on our Ollie and needed to be replaced. They were able to next day the parts but we were looking at three days from then in getting it fixed. We were able to find a hotel to stay in fairly close to the repair place. With all that is going on in the world right now it wasn’t the most ideal but it worked, and thankfully the dog and kids all had a good time for three days in the room!

We picked up the rig on Thursday morning, July 30th…. We were excited and ready to hit the road! Unfortunately we got about 30 miles down the road and we started having power issues with the RV. I think we all wanted to cry a little bit! So we pulled over at the next exit, called a campground that was near by, by the grace of God they had a beautiful spot for us and so we went. It was a beautiful spot in Prophetstown State Park Indiana. We could only be there one night but we were thankful for the spot. We called for a mobile mechanic, they told us they could come out the next morning to replace the filter that was needing to be replaced per the codes on the engine reading. The next day the mechanic came and after a few hours and a few more details and God showing up with parts at just the right time… we pulled out of the camp site at 1:59pm… check out time was 2:00pm! 

After these days we were all pretty weary. “Our plan” had been pretty messed up and we all felt a bit uneasy from all the things happening. We had a short drive on the 31st to North Bend, Ohio where we stayed for the night. We left North bend on August 1st and headed to Sevierville, Tennessee!

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