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September – A month of Change

We feel so very blessed to have the opportunities God has put in our path to see new things, try different places, and help others along the way. We spent the first part of September in North Carolina! It was a beautiful stay at the Tangelwood RV campground, and also at the Tucker Lake. We also got to spend sometime back in Tennessee catching up for us, and seeing Ryans brother Kacy and his wife Wendy.

We ventured into Florida the last part of the month to the Crystal River area. Checked out some of the local parks and stayed a short time at Rock Crusher RV Resort. We looked for Manatees but they weren’t easily spited yet so we will come back for that. Towards the end of September we felt lead to go to Texas and help Ryan’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousin well they were dealing with some health issues.

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